Shardlow and Beyond

After last nights meal at Shardlow, we hung around for the day having a real big fry up to set my son et al up for the journey back home to Hertfordshire. Over three hours away by car, sounds like a mission, but by boat it’s less than half a day cruising.

Saying goodbye to my family, gave me time to have a look at my batteries again. I had been recording 100% State of Charge a bit too easily lately and they were dropping off too quickly as well. That could only mean one thing, Gulp ! time for new ones, as I had 3 new ones just a year ago, topped them up to 5 in total a couple of months later, I wasn’t happy that I still had problems. Almost every boater will have his or her story to tell you about their own battery woes. Almost as many will have their own methods of storing, maintaining and charging them too. But the one thing we will all agree on is that they will most certainly at some point let you down. More to come on this later, but for now, there was nothing I could do.

We left Shardlow to make Willington before it got too late, 5 and a half hours straight through. That’s the longest straight through journey I had made for a very long time. My idea of enjoying life means no rushing about, stopping to smell the flowers is more me. Disappointment to arrive and find that for over half a mile of moorings were taken up, but the last space right next to the main road at the Green Dragon pub garden, even then, we had to breast up. That is one of my pet hates, having to breast up means constantly banging into the other boat whenever another goes by. Because no matter how you tie up, the two boats will never be as tight as just the one. Being next to the bridge also meant that as soon as boats came through they were throttling up and pushing more water my way. Grrrr !

Oli, a nice guy but a bit spoilt, had to meet his mum and uncle with their spouses in Burton on Trent the next day so at least we didn’t have to stay that long. Shame really, because with a nice spot to tie up, I could have enjoyed a few days here. It wasn’t great for dog walks mind, about half a mile before anything resembling fun for Meg, so I was pleased to leave.

Stopping for lunch at Burton, was nice and his family were very entertaining and sociable, but after lunch we went our seperate ways, with us mooring up a short while later at Shobnall Park. We tied up there for the night so in the morning had a great walk for the dogs, Monty the stoopid Beagle and Meg.


From the top of the hill in Shobnall offers the most briilliant views, and reallt is worth the trek up what seems to be around 500 feet or more. And apart from giving myself and Oli a good workout, was great for the dogs to really stretch their legs,

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